Why Shaan Shahid refused to act in 'The Legend of the Maula Jatt'?

Why Shaan Shahid Refused to Act in 'The Legend of the Maula Jatt''
Why Shaan Shahid Refused to Act in 'The Legend of the Maula Jatt''

Well-known Pakistani actor Shaan Shahid says that further improvements could have been made in the sequel of Maula Jatt,' The Legend of the Maula Jatt'.

Shaan took part in a YouTube podcast where talking about the Pakistani blockbuster film "The Legend of Maula Jatt", Shaan Shahid revealed that he was offered a part in the film. Shaan said that he got an offer from film Director Bilal Lashari for a different part and I felt that I would not be suitable to do justice to the part. 

And that's why I refuse the part in the film. Shaan Shahid said,' I always question that if you do not give a singer 5 minutes to perform, it's not fair to that artist because he will not be suitable to move others about his art.' 

The Legend of Maula Jatt
The Legend of Maula Jatt

Shaan said that he was offered the part of Sardar Jatt, father of Maula Jatt, but he refused. Talking further about the film, Shaan said,' I was ready for any help, I'm a Team player, I feel that the part of "The Legend of The Maula Jatt"could have been a better choice for me because I feel That I've gained respect after acting for Punjabi places.' " We've different ways of performing in Punjabi places, I mean Fawad and I've different ways of looking at effects," he said. 

The star of Punjabi films further said that the actors should have learned how to speak Punjabi while many songs should also have been included in the film as they're like the backbone of a film. It should be flashed back that Fawad Khan and Hamza Ali Abbasi played the supereminent places in Maula Jatt, this film proved to be a blockbuster across the world including Pakistan. 

Maula Jatt Enter into the 200 crore Club
Maula Jatt Enter the 200 crore Club

The Legend of Maula Jatt is the first movie in Pakistan's history to earn 100 crores domestically, And the biggest Pakistani release ever internationally. And the box office collection of the movie has now grossed 200 crores worldwide. This is the biggest achievement for the makers of ''The Legend of the Maula Jatt" and Pakistani Cinema as well.

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