20 Interesting Fact About FIFA World Cup 2022

20 Interesting Facts About FIFA World Cup 2022
20 Interesting Facts About FIFA World Cup 2022

The FIFA World Cup 2022 held in Qatar has doubled the joy of football lovers in Qatar and especially in the Muslim and Arab countries around the world.

In this world sports festival full of expectations and hopes, many memorable moments became a part of history that will be remembered for years. Here are some interesting events, facts and memories of this event for the readers.

1. Al Rihla Football:

In the final matches of the FIFA World Cup 2022, the football called Al-Halm, which means 'Dream', was used. In the pre-semi-final matches, a football called Al-Rihla, which means 'journey', was used. Al-halm football was played to reach the semi-finals, third and fourth place matches as well as the final matches.

This new ball, like the Al-Rihla, was eco-friendly and equipped with advanced technology and sensors, which helped video referees to determine, track and make quick decisions on offsides. This golden colored football was used to represent the desert region of the host country Qatar and the FIFA World Cup trophy.

Al-Rihla Football use in FIFA World Cup 2022
Al-Rihla Football used in FIFA World Cup 2022

2. Role of TRT Broadcasting Service:

TRT World, the national broadcasting service of the Republic of Turkey, released a picture-by-picture video with the help of advanced technology to pay tribute to the players who played an important role in Morocco's progress to the semi-finals of the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar.

The images highlight the Moroccan players' celebration style, particularly the expression of religious slogans and displays of love for their mothers.

3. Criticism on BBC:

British broadcaster BBC has been heavily criticized by fans for not broadcasting the opening ceremony of the Football World Cup 2022 live.

According to the report, the British broadcaster BBC broadcast the event on the "Red Button" service and online. However, it accused Qatar of violating human rights for not broadcasting it live on TV.

4. Tears of Joy:

Morocco's football team made history at the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Three times in the past, African teams have reached the quarter-finals of the tournament but failed to advance. But this time something was different.

The Moroccan team certainly made this Football World Cup the most entertaining and gifted the fans across the continent with a good game by reaching the semi-finals. Youssef Al-Nassir's amazing leap and unusual bidder made the score 1-0 in the first half, after which the Moroccan team had only to play defensively. In doing so, they sent home Cristiano Ronaldo and the Portugal team.

5. Players Bow and Raise Their Hands to Pray:

Cameroon missed out in the quarter-finals in 1990, Senegal in 2002 and Ghana in 2010, but Morocco did not let the opportunity slip away at the recent FIFA World Cup in Qatar. From the beginning of the match, he was seen fighting with the Portuguese players.

The fans sitting in the stadium supported him a lot. The fans were chanting Ser Ser (Let's go, let's go) and Dima Maghrib (Long live Morocco). Morocco's coach Rakaraki, who was applauded by the fans, was thrown into the air by the players after the victory and thanked the crowd by turning to the fans and raising their hands.

6. Non-Muslim Women in Hijab:

In a video that went viral on social media during the Football World Cup, it can be seen that some female fans tried to wear hijab for the first time in their life.

According to Al Jazeera's report, during the FIFA World Cup 2022, some Muslim women started a campaign to introduce hijab to non-Muslim women, which was well received.

The Muslim women first made the non-Muslim women wear the hijab, then showed them a mirror, after which the non-Muslim women said that they felt good wearing the hijab.

7. Ronaldo's Emotional Message:

While the Moroccan players and coach were in tears of joy at their best performance in this FIFA World Cup, Ronaldo looked visibly saddened and overwhelmed as he walked off the field the whistle blew as his World Cup dream was dashed.

"Unfortunately, my dream has ended," Ronaldo shared his emotional message on social media.

Peoples Hold the Flag of Palestine in FIFA World Cup 2022
Peoples Hold the Flag of Palestine in FIFA World Cup 2022

8. The Expression of Palestine Fans:

Palestinian fans said that the FIFA World Cup 2022 showed that our struggle is not over. Palestinians living in Qatar, as well as those visiting, are taking advantage of the world's attention on the World Cup to highlight their flag.

9. Official Song of FIFA World Cup 2022:

Football World Cup 2022 Soundtrack - "Light The Sky" released. The special feature of this track is that it is sung by four women together. The video of the song features four women including Nora Fatehi.

10. Western Country's "Hypocrites":

FIFA President Gianni Infantino has slammed Western countries for criticizing the Gulf's hosting of the FIFA World Cup as "hypocrites" and said Europe should stop criticizing and focus on improving the conditions of its migrants.

We Europeans, who have been doing it for the past three thousand years, should apologize for what we have done before giving us a moral lesson.

11. Millions of Football Fans on 'Gio Cinema'

More than 110 million football fans watched FIFA matches on Gio Cinema from India. Interestingly, FIFA World Cup 2022 was streamed live on Gio Cinema Viacom 18 app for free.

12. FIFA World Cup Israel to Qatar Flights:

Qatar and Israel do not have diplomatic relations, but the two countries signed a special agreement for the World Cup, which was announced by FIFA before the World Cup. And under this direct flights from Israel to Qatar were started.

According to the agreement between Israel and Qatar, Palestinian citizens were also allowed to travel from Tel Aviv to Doha. Although Qatar and Israel do not have diplomatic relations. Politically considered close to Iran, Qatar also supports the leadership of the Palestinian organization 'Hamas'. An Israeli delegation was also sent by the Israeli government and contact cards were also issued to citizens for emergency assistance.

Officials said that around 10,000 Israeli citizens arrived in Qatar during the FIFA World Cup, with most of the fans arriving in Qatar via third countries. The Qatari government has made it clear that there has been no change in its position regarding Palestine.

13. Owner of Football Egypt or Pakistan:

Amidst the turmoil of the Football World Cup, where millions of people were enjoying the festival of the game, a new controversy emerged over the ball used in the game. This dispute is about the ownership of the football.

As Pakistan and Egypt are two of the biggest football-producing countries in the world, conflicting claims have also been made about the football used for the Qatar Cup. In this debate on social media, an Egyptian official said that the football used in sports in Qatar is 100% Egyptian-made.

In addition, the head of the Egyptian presentation company, Saif Al-Woziri, wrote through his personal account on the social networking website Facebook that "the ball of the Qatar World Cup is a masterpiece made by Egypt and 100% Egyptian craftsmanship."

I was honored to be a small part of this great achievement. Egypt will be an important destination for the export of Adidas balls around the world, starting with the Qatar 2022 Football World Cup.'' Got it. Some users on the internet can be seen claiming that football in the FIFA World Cup 2022 is entirely a product of the Pakistani industry.

Pakistan has had a monopoly in football production for many years. In this regard, the chairman of the board of directors of the Egyptian company, Jasser Al-Sayed, explained that the factory is located in the city of Al-Roubaiki, east of Cairo, and it works under a partnership agreement with National Service Projects.

Technology, machinery, and skills were also procured from Pakistan for the production of footballs in collaboration with the Adidas company as Pakistan is a pioneer country in the field of football production.

  14. Major Upsets:

The 22nd edition of the FIFA World Cup concluded with exciting contests, surprises, and major upsets. Before the World Cup, many guesses, predictions, and ideas made by experts regarding various teams and results proved to be wrong.

The underpowered teams outclassed the bigger teams. In every World Cup, there is only one half upset, but if this Football World Cup is called the World Cup of upsets, it will not be wrong.

15. Women Referees Historic Roles:

The match between Germany and Costa Rica was a historic match in which for the first time a match was supervised by female referees from the ground. France's Stephanie Frappart became the first female referee in the Men's World Cup. In the match, she was accompanied by line women Noza Beck of Brazil and Karen Diaz Medina of Mexico.

Frappart achieved this feat when he was appointed as the fourth referee in the match between Mexico and Poland. Speaking to the BBC, he said, "We know how much pressure is on us but we have to be very patient and focus on the game and not think about what the media is saying." We just have to keep an eye on what is happening on the field of play."

 16. Metroman Man of FIFA World Cup:

At the end of the matches in the World Cup, Metroman, who led the way with the phrase 'Metro This Way, Metro This Way', attracted the attention of the fans in Qatar as well on social media. The 23-year-old Metroman's name is Abubakar Abbas, who hails from Kenya.

His task is to lead the way regarding the metro station for the convenience of the fans who came to Qatar for the FIFA World Cup 2022, who has become a home in the hearts of the people by fulfilling his duty diligently. The proof of this is the video of Metroman that went viral on social media.

Sitting in the chair of the tennis empire, this young man was awarded the title of Metroman through a megaphone. People were dancing enjoying this phrase of Metro Man and also made different videos about it. On the other hand, the administration of Qatar was also impressed by the work of Abubakar Abbas Metro Man and awarded him with honorary certificates.

17. World Record of FIFA Fans:

The Football World Cup in Qatar recorded the highest attendance ever in the history of a football tournament.

A total of two and a half million spectators came to watch the matches. An average of 96% of fans were found in stadium seats in this FIFA World Cup, while the total number of spectators during the 2018 World Cup in Russia was recorded at 270,000.

World Record of FIFA World Cup Fans.
World Record of FIFA World Cup Fans.

18. Another record:

Another interesting factor in this edition of the FIFA World Cup is that for the first time, teams from all continents made it to the second stage of the world tournament, the Knockout 16.

Three teams from the Asia-Pacific region, Australia, Japan, and South Korea, reached the knockout stage for the first time, a record in itself.

19. Use of Modern Technology:

FIFA World Cup 2022 takes full advantage of technology. Ball sensors were installed along with twelve cameras to track the ball in the stadium. Several goals were rejected as offside by VAR.

With the help of this modern technology, penalty kicks were awarded and withdrawn from the teams.

20. Urdu in FIFA World Cup Song:

An interesting thing for us regarding the Football World Cup in Qatar is that its official song included English, Arabic and Urdu as well. Sung by three female singers, the song contained these Urdu lyrics:

  • We have to do what we will do
  • There is no one like us here
  • Whether East or West we will meet here

In this article, Khabri will describe all the interesting facts about FIFA World Cup 2022.

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