Govt has Provided Right to Education, Without any Discrimination

Govt has Provided Right to Education without any Discrimination.
Govt has Provided the Right to Education without any Discrimination.

The big development in the history of Pakistan is that the National Curriculum Council has issued NOC  for publishing textbooks on the religious content of different minority groups.

Federal Ministry of Education, has taken a big initiative to add minority community content to the syllabus of Grades 1-V for the student of the Christian community.

After getting the NOC from National Curriculum Council National Books Foundation has published the textbook Seven Community likes,

  • Hinduism
  • Christianity 
  • Buddhism
  • Bahai
  • Sikhism
  • Kalasha
  • Zoroastrianism


NOC is valid till the new curriculum is approved, However, NFB will improve, Update and revise any part of the book based on the feedback. The textbooks are free from all biases related to Culture, Ethnic differences of the people of Pakistan.

All the Maps of uses in the books are approved by the survey of Pakistan. In these textbooks, there is nothing against any Religion, Pakistan, or any organ f the state. All the reference to The Holy books is authentic.

Benefits of Adding Minority Syllabus Content in Pakistan:

Increased Representation:

Adding minority syllabus content can increase the representation of diverse cultures, religions, and ethnicities in the curriculum. This can help students understand and appreciate the diversity of their society.

Cultural Sensitivity:

Studying minority syllabus content can promote cultural sensitivity and empathy towards marginalized groups. And it will also help to reduce prejudice and discrimination.

Historical Accuracy:

Including minority, syllabus content can provide a more accurate and inclusive representation of history, as well as the contributions of minority communities.

Social Cohesion:

Incorporating minority syllabus content can promote social cohesion and a sense of belonging among minority communities, and it helps to reduce social conflicts between people.

And the People of the other communities are very happy about this initiative " Right to Education, without any Discrimination" taken by the Federal Ministry of Education. And they praise the government for giving space to their religious content in the Education system of Pakistan.

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